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Our Vision

The vision of the George W. Sharswood School is that every child will learn to his/her full potential.  This will be a continuous process with constant feedback, using results through various assessments.  This vision can be sustained and quality professional practices will be modified and monitored to provide the best education possible for every student in the Sharswood School.  The vision is clear and shared with all stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community as a whole.


Our Mission

The mission of the George W. Sharswood School is to develop knowledgeable lifelong learners who are challenged to meet their individual potential and who can effectively communicate, express themselves creatively, use technology, solve problems, work cooperatively, understand and respect cultural diversity, adapt to change, and be responsible and productive citizens in society.


Please mark your calendars – the first day of school is Monday, August 27th, 2018, for ALL GRADES, including preK and Kindergarten!

(Click on 2018-2019 Academic Calendar for all dates.)